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Use long-lasting power with high-performance batteries FQ. Wide range of
batteries has something to offer to everyone and for each type of device - you can
always find an appropriate battery for a wide scale of applications.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries perform great at low and high ambient temperatures. They also have a long shelf life.  They are ideal for small, but power-consuming smart-devices, home automation devices, such as car keys, motion sensors, vital medical devices and many others. Disc batteries are manufactured to advanced standards from highly purified lithium providing greater energy density.

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Alkaline batteries

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Thanks to high performance and long-lasting power supply, alkaline battery FQ is
designed to keep up with your power-consuming devices.  It is widely used in
medical devices, remote controls, Bluetooth-sets and many others. They are
specially designed to provide complete protection against leaks using reliable
sealing technology, protecting yourself and your devices.


Li-ion battery

Batteries 18650 are batteries of Li-ion type, having a cylindrical shape, diameter 18 mm and lenth 65 mm. Rated voltage, as with Li-ion batteries of other sizes, measures 3,6 or 3,7 V. Such batteries are widely used in different areas: at home, on a rest, while doing repair and construction works, in medicine, in electrical industry.

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