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Car Batteries

FQ batteries are balanced in terms of capacity, affordable price and reliability at the expense of the use of high-quality components and high manufacturing quantities. Repeated endurance tests on Hokkaido Prefecture confirm the quality of our batteries.

  • The product line is available for the majority of Japanese cars.

  • Our batteries are equipped with built-in arc-control devices, practical carrying handles and leak-proof seals.

  • The batteries are made with a special welding method and modern materials and the battery grid is manufactured using the latest anti-punch technology.


Blue energy series

Rechargeable batteries of the BLUE ENERGY series belong to safe, maintenance-free batteries, have a high level of quality and reliability. The main advantages are affordable price and durability. This series is capable of providing reliable engine starting throughout the entire service life.


Red energy series


RED ENERGY series rechargeable batteries are high-tech premium batteries that combine the maximum number of innovative developments. This series has increased capacity and starting current, ideal for modern vehicles with a large number of electronic systems.

Cosmo EFB series

Rechargeable batteries of the COSMO EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) series are designed for operation with START-STOP systems. This series is characterized by high starting power, deep discharge resistance, charge acceptance rate and long service life.


Euro series

The rechargeable batteries of the EURO series have high reliability and starting power for a confident start of the car.


Truck & Bus series

TRUCK & BUS series rechargeable batteries are specially designed for use in the most difficult operating conditions. This series is resistant to deep discharges, vibrations and increased loads. Ideal for trucks and buses.

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