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Hybrid vehicles (HV) with Start-Stop systems have become widely used in Japan. Our company recognizes this signficant technological advance and offers HV users a battery product with optimal capacity compensation for frequent engine starts and stops.

Car batteries are manufactured in accordance with JIS standards applied in Asia.

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A special patented heat-resisting alloy is used for battery plates. This allows batteries to be used for a long period of time. In light of this, Fujito corporation offers a 3-year warranty period for batteries. Battery grids are manufactured using anti-punch technology.

Battery cases have double cover plates, thus avoiding electrolyte evaporation and making it possible to use batteries at negative temperatures.

The electrolyte formula in FQ batteries is patented and makes batteries more durable and stable.

FQ batteries have undergone testing by taxi companies in different regions of Japan over a long period of time to determine their optimal characteristics.

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