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Environment Protection

1) Promotion of pollution prevention activities

(1) Control of the quality of the air and water; prevention of noise, vibration, odour, and soil pollution; reduction of industrial wastes.

(2) We participate in the Environmental Month campaign of pollution prevention inspection of Miyagi Pref.every June.

2) Promotion of CO2 reduction

(1) We changed all our commercial motor vehicles to eco-friendly cars.

(2) Kyushu office
     1. We changed fuel oil A for the boiler to LPG.
     2. We are saving energy by using LED lamps with human body              detection sensors.

3) Education and training activities

(1) We practice environmental disaster drills with cooperation between employees and members of related departments twice a year.

(2) We practice environmental education for employees through activities to help improve the company structure twice a year.


 4) Promotion of compliance

We comply to all laws relating to the environment.

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