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About Company

The Fujito corporation dates back to 1988 when Mr. Fujiwara Tozaki established a small production facility in Miyagi Prefecture (Japan), specializing in the supply of small components for contractors engaged in automotive manufacturing in Japan.

  • 1990 – strict product requirements imposed by Japanese automotive manufacturers allowed Fujito corporation to build a clear production structure using technological innovations and offering products that complied with the most rigorous standards.

  • 1996 – the world automotive market was growing with the increasing popularity of Japanese cars world-wide. Fujito corporation also grew and developed step by step, introducing oil and air filters to its product portfolio.

  • 1998 – the start of accumulator battery production.

  • 2007 – ISO 14001 implementation.

  • 2008 – automobile oils developed with unique formulations.

  • 2010 – the establishment of the FQ brand, derived from the name of the founder MR. Fujiwara Tozaki and traditionally high Japanese Quality.

  • 2018 – economic globalization called for an immediate reaction from the company.

As early as February 2018 an export department was established. The objective of the department was to customize products to the needs of external market and to build a well-defined marketing strategy.

As at March 2017 the company staff comprised 707 professionals .

Headquarters : Tokyo

Branch office: Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture)

The company is interested in entry into those markets which have a traditionally high proportion of Japanese cars: Europe, Russia, Australia and USA.

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