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FQ Coolant

Antifreeze is the universal name of coolants for internal-combustion engines and for car components operating at low temperatures. Antifreeze (also called as coolant, LLC (Long Life Coolant) or radiator fluid) is one of the main functional fluids of a car. The main function of anti-freeze is the removal of excess heat from the engine. Antifreeze also protects the cooling system from freezing, corrosion and cavitation, and prevents scale formation and dirt buildup of the cooling system.


Advantages of FQ antifreeze:

  • Does not contain amine (the product does not use amines that release harmful carcinogens).

  • JIS K2234 certified.

  • Contains anticorrosive and antifoam additives that protect the metal components of the cooling system from destruction.

  • Uses additional additives that provide lifespan of rubber components, filler block, weather strip, etc.

  • Resistants to temperature changes.

  • Stable high quality ensures maximum protection of the engine cooling system.

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