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FQ Brake pads

Brake pads are the most important spare part of the car. Disc brakes are used in modern cars to ensure safety and reliability.

Brake pads is the most important component of the disk brake system. Brake pads, tire and rotor (disc) rotating with the wheel are responsible for reliable braking.

FQ brake pads (cushions) are made of a special multi-component material connected to a thick metal plate, which slows down the car by engaging the disc brake.


It is necessary to control wear and carry out timely replacement as the abrasive material wears out with use.

FQ brake pads have a sound wear indication system which determines the need to replace the important part in the car.

The display system of modern European cars is equipped with an electronic warning of wear which further notifies the owner of the need to change.

FQ brake pads are high quality, adapted to intensive operation and can also be used in various types of Japanese cars.

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